Guppy Color Strains - Philip Shaddock

Guppy Color Strains

By Philip Shaddock

  • Release Date: 2013-08-05
  • Genre: Pets


Guppy Color Strains is the only catalog of guppy strains, with over 150 strains illustrated with high quality photography and detailed information.

Many of the listing comes from experimental crosses by the author. The catalog covers strains from across the globe, from Canada to Thailand, from the U.S. to Italy. In many cases the history of the strains have been given, their description, their genetics. There are many expert breeders tips and observations.

The bible is a handy desktop reference when you are trying to figure out the genetics of a strain seen in your tanks or online. It is also a guppy designer's guide since crosses between strains are represented, as well as the variations of established strains, like Metal Pingus or new strains like the Blond See-thrus. There is simply no other book in the hobby so thorough and so accurate in its presentation of the major strains that the guppy's mutations have produced.