GarageBand for iPad: Creating Songs with ... - Robert Brock

GarageBand for iPad: Creating Songs with ...

By Robert Brock

  • Release Date: 2011-04-22
  • Genre: Computers
Score: 3.5
From 191 Ratings


GarageBand for iPad is truly a revolutionary tool that inspires the music maker in anyone by making song creation simple and fun. In this book you'll see how to use GarageBand's unique tools make it easy to explore the musical concepts of rhythm, chords and melody—even if you’ve never created your own song before. You’ll see how to quickly create music using iPad’s revolutionary and fun Touch Instruments, as well as how to record your own voice, guitar and more. Once you've laid down your tracks, you’ll discover how to edit, arrange and tweak the sound of your song so that you can share your masterpiece with the world.

Robert Brock heads the digital audio production department at the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences in Tempe, Arizona. He is an Apple mentor trainer and an Apple Distinguished Educator. When he's not teaching music and audio production, he can usually be found on stage playing piano or at home with GarageBand on his iPad, pretending he really knows how to play guitar and drums.


  • Creating Songs w/GarageBand for iPad

    By Geoffar
    Great book on how to create your own songs using GarageBand on your iPad. It works best to have the Ebook in iBooks on your Mac, so you can read an follow the instructions on your iPad sitting next to it.
  • Useful but GarageBand Is Pretty Self-Explanatory Itself

    By billyc87
    I purchased this about a week after installing GarageBand hoping to discover the "advanced/more technical" elements within GarageBand. And while it provides a thorough explanation of how the various features such as Smart Instruments, Connections, and other tips, I found a majority of the information to be more like a review of features I was already aware of and not the "secrets to GarageBand" so to speak I was looking for. Given it's price and the information it does provide it's hard to go less than 4 stars, but I found that in the week prior to having this guide, the program is so intuitive and beautifully laid out, a user guide really isn't needed (which is a testament to GarageBand app itself). So while this will more than likely provide a few tips, chances are if you just play around within the app you will have about the same knowledge as you would taking the 20 mins reading this. It's well put together and a step up from Apples Support site, but GarageBand is just one of those apps that really does not leave you scratching your head looking for answers.
  • Very Helpful For Garage Band Newcomers

    By TeachYourselfSinging
    As a Garage Band Newcomer I found the eBook very helpful in learning how to use Garage Band on my iPod Touch 4. Book screenshots from iPad version, but iPod and iPhone versions are almost identical just some slight menu differences. I would buy another eBook from the same author anytime.
  • Garage Band's best friend

    By JamesPeebles
    This book as really helpful. For 99 cents it was a steal. It does have parts in it that was over my head. There again I'm not a musician. Most of it I could understand, not all of it. I wish they had Garage Band for Dummies. That is more my style. This book can get technical at times only as a whole I felt it was worth the price. If you are fairly intelligent this book is for you. If not than just read the tutorial that came with the app. If you want some what more detail buy this book.
  • GarageBand great help

    By rmjt
    This is a great help when starting with easy read, well organized, complete, very logical and well thought out. Well worth the price, with plentiful information...